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A Quick Trip to Target


Well, thank God I came up with this blog thing. I was running out of ideas for procrastinating on my homework. I thought I was going to have to clean a toilet there for a while. Sadly, though, as I go about my regular chores I think about all the stuff I should blog about, then I sit down at the keyboard and come up with nothing. That’s pretty standard, I suppose, right? Not exciting.

So, let us look at this morning’s trip to the Target. We ran out of diapers. Really. I got the kid out of bed this morning, changed him out of his very wet Pull-Up and into the last one in the house. I don’t think that has ever happened in the nine years I’ve been a parent. Whatever. So, we’re going about our regular morning activities. I got the big kids out the door. I got the Daddy Bird (better or worse than Bird Dude, you think?) out the door. I got dressed. I poured a second cup of coffee. (Man, all of that seems so much more orderly and neat than the actuality of the situation.) Then I got a whiff of something, um, unpleasant. Unpleasant and familiar. Shit. Literally. I had hoped we had a few more hours if I made him pee in the potty at least once.

Okay, so we won’t have the luxury of time. I will not finish this coffee. I put the Baby Bird’s shoes on and off we headed to Target. Now, I know that all you mom’s can relate to this part. A pack of 42 Pull-Ups costs about $20. We also needed milk, about $3. Oh, and my mom called while we were there to go over dinner plans (it’s Chaos Thursday, but I’ll talk about that later), and we needed to pick up frozen green beans, about $1. So, I should have gotten out of there for about $25, right? Um, nooooo. I did pretty well, though. I only spent $72! That’s less than three times what I went in there to spend! And I did NOT buy the two pack of throw pillows that almost match my family room. I did NOT buy the spring cushions for the outdoor furniture that will almost certainly sell out long before it’s warm enough to enjoy sitting on them. That alone would have been $200! I did NOT buy the decadent looking chocolate covered ice cream bars on clearance for half price. I did NOT buy the pretty hot pink jean jacket that Girlie Bird would just love. So, for all the stuff I didn’t buy I can feel good about the pair of shoes I bought for Middle Bird that are exactly like the pair I bought him last week but were two big. I found them even cheaper today and one size smaller.  And I did buy myself a thermal henley shirt that was half off. I can’t wait to sleep in it. And I did buy a vinyl tablecloth I only kind of like, but it will let the kids work on the dining room table with things like scissors, glue, and other stuff that scares me. And a spout and closure for wine bottles. I’m always on the hunt for a way to enjoy a glass of wine without committing to a whole bottle. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my boxed wine hunting odyssey!

Such is my illness, even shoes for someone else, who already owns a pair but in a different size, are exciting on clearance.

Such is my illness, even shoes for someone else, who already owns a pair but in a different size, are exciting on clearance.

So, I spent $72 when I meant to spend $25. You can’t judge me. You know you’ve done it. I choose to focus on the pretty spring scarf I put back because I don’t have anything to match it and I just wasn’t up to digging through the tee shirts for the XXL I’d need. What is with that? Like I’m the BIGGEST woman to ever shop at Target?


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5 thoughts on “A Quick Trip to Target

  1. Target’s sizing is ridiculous. Two of my favorite shirts to wear are from there and size 16/18. I know I’m no twig, but come on!

  2. Just try to find their Apple Fritters. Just try to.

  3. I wanted to hear more about how the dirty diaper disaster ended. Did you change him at Target? Do tell!

    • Turned out it was, um, well, less than disastrous. I think he just passed gas. We ended up home just in time. 🙂
      I have, in the past, changed him at Target, and it is not pleasant. He hates to lay down on those changing tables and he’s deathly afraid of the turbo hand dryers.

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