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Friday Night Excitement


I really hate being behind in my homework, but I hate being behind on my social interactions, too.  And Facebook is great, but let’s face it, sometimes you need more than shared amusement over cat pictures and pictures with funny sayings about wine.  Sometimes a girl needs honest to goodness girl time.  Maybe a shared bottle of actual wine, too.  

So, here it is Friday night, and I was supposed to have a couple girlfriends come help me drink one of the big bottles, and chat, and generally get caught up.  One is my oldest friend in Ohio and introduced me to the Daddy BIrd, the other is a new friend I’ve only had maybe three real, in-person conversations with, but click well with and look forward to sharing lots of wine and chat.  But the new friend is sick and the old friend and I agree it’s better that I spend my evening on homework.  So, I will.  And maybe some laundry because that just makes more sense.  

Tomorrow I will be glad I spent the evening tackling my homework.  Tomorrow I will be glad the laundry is not behind.  Tomorrow I might even get around to cleaning those toilets and then that will be done for another month.  (Just kidding.  I really do clean them more often than that.  Honest.)  But tonight, I’m just bummed.  

The kids have eaten their cheap pizza, and loved it.  They’ll go to bed without showers because tomorrow is Saturday and everyone gets a bath on Saturday night.  They will sleep late in the morning, or have sense enough to be quiet so they can eat pop-tarts and frosted flakes for breakfast.  

Life is still good.  Really good.  But I do need some girlfriend time!


Author: tenoclockbird

Just another mommy/student/librarian wannabe writing a blog.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Excitement

  1. Sad to hear the social was postponed! I thought of you last night and wondered if you all had gotten together. I will set a date for April. 🙂

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