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Ahh, The Weekend

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Of course, I don’t get the weekend I used to.  It’s not down time, anyway.  They’re all here all day, wanting three meals, or at least two, and snacks, and changing clothes, and tracking in mud, and fighting, and laughing so loudly, and just filling the house with chaos.  I’m starting to sound like I have a low tolerance for chaos, aren’t I?  Not really.  I just have VERY chaotic children.  And my poor husband, well, he does have a low tolerance for chaos and he’s here all day on Saturday, too.

But the main reason I don’t get a weekend is that my weekly school work is due on Sunday at midnight.  And though the house is hoppin’ all day on Saturday, the co-parent is also around, and he can at least run some level of interference.  I always try to get some work done during the week, but the bulk of it is usually not complete by Saturday morning.  So I sit at the kitchen table and try to work.  Or on the bed, or in the dining room, or sometimes on the living room sofa.  There’s no good place, but whatever.  It gets done.  This week I got enough done during the week to take the pressure off.  Well, mostly because of last night’s lack of excitement, I guess.  Today there was time for cooking dinner, and a few loads of laundry.  And I took down the end of the Christmas stuff.  It was just a couple snowman things that were more “winter” than “merry.”  It’s time to put up the spring stuff.  I drug some bunnies up from the basement, and they make me smile.

Just a little spring to replace the snowmen.

Just a little spring to replace the snowmen.

But it will be Monday morning when they all trot off in their various directions that I will get my break.  The bigs at school, and Daddy Bird on the way with the little guy to preschool and on to work, I will have the house to myself by 8:30.  It won’t last long.  I’ll have to leave here by 10:45 to pick up Baby Bird.  If I don’t have any errands to run, and I’m not due for a shower, I might get just over two hours to do nothing.  Of course, I don’t do nothing.  Who can do nothing?  I’m not saying I always use that time wisely, or that I am remotely productive, but I just know it always seems to be over before I really get done what I wanted to do. More often than not, I spend half the time on the phone with my mother.  By Wednesday when Baby Bird heads back to preschool, I’ll feel like I should get some school work done, so I’ll spend the time on the computer, probably writing a blog entry or facebooking.  And by Friday, I’ll likely spend at least some of the time on actual school work.  But Monday?  I don’t know what happens to Monday.  And I don’t have to know.  It’s the only time I am allowed to be completely unaccountable   It’s like my whole weekend rolled into two hours and fifteen minutes each week.  Ironically, it’s the same time block that the rest of the world spends complaining about the end of their weekend.

Better supervise a bit of this bedtime thing.  It’s the beginning of Daylight Savings Time tonight.  Turn your clocks back and tune in tomorrow for my lengthy rant on THAT!


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