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Just one more thing tonight…

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They’re all asleep!  Of course the kids are, but Daddy Bird fell asleep on the bed with his book.  The house is so quiet.  I know I’ll regret it in the morning, especially because of this whole “spring forward” nonsense, but I love that I am snatching a few more quiet moments alone.  The homework is almost done.  Nothing I can’t finish tomorrow afternoon/evening.  The kitchen is all clean, and there’s a fresh glass of wine next to me.  It’s down right blissful.

So, I’ve been twittering around twitter.  Not tweeting.  Well, not much, yet.  I had an account all set up, but I hadn’t even logged on in almost four years before last night. I’ll connect the blog.  Maybe you got her that way.  But mostly, I think it’s a good way for me to keep up with places that might provide connections for future job prospects.  Libraries and museums, mostly.  No reason not to try and keep up with what’s going on in the world, right?  And that should give me LOTS of stuff to read when I should be studying, right?

I should tell you about school, about how I ended up doing this, about what I’m doing.  Well, for now, just know I’m working on my Masters of Library and Information Science, from Kent State.  It will be mostly an online endeavor, but I hope to take some classes at the State Library.  There.  Now you know, if you didn’t already.



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Just another mommy/student/librarian wannabe writing a blog.

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