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Thoughts for Sunday


I took my sweet daughter to see Peter Pan, A Musical at the Palace Theatre in downtown Columbus this afternoon.  Her Brownie troop bought the tickets and the place was packed with Girl Scouts for the event.  It was lovely and I think she had a really good time.  There is something not right with me, though.  Someday I’ve got to get involved in theatre again.  Even a mediocre production with a bunch of amateurs can bring me to tears.  Seriously.  I’m a mess.  It’s not right.

So, I’ve got to get these kids to bed and finish my homework.  Tomorrow morning I get my two hour weekend.  That will be fun.  😉  

What’s on my mind?

People who get up the second a stage show is over are assholes.  It’s Children’s Theatre, people.  Most of these folks are NOT getting paid.  The only reason they do this is for the applause. All you’re asked to do is freakin’ clap!  Just stick around and CLAP!  It’s true, you might be 15 minutes later getting home, but CLAP!  Jumping up and running out so you can be the first to your car makes you a jerk.  Sorry, but there it is.  It’s not like you’re in a stadium of 75,000!  There were, maybe 1500 people there.  I stayed and clapped until it was over and I bet you weren’t 10 minutes earlier than I was.  

Let’s see, what else am I pondering?  This blog thing.  It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?  Here I am typing some blather and you’re reading it.  And even though I’m writing for my own benefit, and hoping to just keep some record of these days, I’m hoping you’ll keep reading!  I’m some kind of attention hog, ain’t I?  

Trying to work out a visit with some friends I made online.  Oh, settle down there, Mom.  These aren’t just spooky old men with foot fetishes.  😉  I’ve known these women for almost 13 years now.  We planned weddings together back at the turn of the century.  (Yes, I just said that.  The turn of the century!)  I’ve met most of them in real life now.  We’ve gathered, but it’s been a while.  It’s just that we keep up with each other on the computer and we’re scattered all over, and everyone is busy so the calendar is full.  It’s just time to do it again.  Even just a few of us.  They’re the ones who called me Bird first.  🙂

The Baby Bird needs potty trained.  And we’ve got to talk him out of that binky he uses at night.

The Girlie Bird needs “The Talk.”  And if she knows, the Middle Bird will know.  So, maybe I should sit them down together.  I’ve got to figure out the balance between the breezy, “Here’s some information on how your body works.” and “I better fill you in on this mind-blowing shit before you figure it out for yourself and do something that will piss me off and make you ashamed when you are 40.”  Daddy Bird and I agree that they are ready and it’s fine.  Now it’s all about figuring out how to deliver the message.  Stay tuned.


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Just another mommy/student/librarian wannabe writing a blog.

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  1. Love you, Birdie. I’m reading!

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