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Monday, Monday

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So, I had my Monday morning, and as usual, it was a non-event.  I played on the computer a while, then put my wellies on and headed to Aldi’s.  We were out of milk and juice.  Then I went on to the preschool to pick up the youngest.  That’s it.  Big deal.  Weekend over until next week.

And then I made it home and got NOTHING done that I should have on a Monday!  I didn’t do any laundry, I didn’t clean any toilets.  I barely got the dishwasher emptied and the breakfast dishes loaded up!  Instead, I wrangled with my old netbook to get an Open Office database resent to my instructor.  He couldn’t open the one I originally submitted, so he asked for another.  No, it turns out it was NOT something I did, but some issue with Open Office, and there was a problem with about 30% of the class.  Whatever.  He asked us to send it in the form of screenshots.  Unfortunately you can only submit one file per email through the course email service.  So, screenshots in a Word doc.  Took way too long, but I guess I learned some stuff.  Make a pot of coffee.

Then it’s off to pick the big kids up from school.  Bring home an extra kid for another neighborhood family who needs a favor.  Chaos in my kitchen.  Lip from the Girlie Bird, homework supervised.  Now it’s almost 4:30 and I don’t know what to make for dinner.  I know I’m unlikely to get anything BUT dinner done.

Just changed another poopy diaper.  Noticing my grimace, Baby Bird says, “Mommy, be happy!”  Can’t miss the opportunity to apply a little maternal guilt, right?  “Pooping in the potty would make me really happy, Baby.”  Now, we’ve had this conversation before and once he replied in his best toddler chirp, “Well, maybe somebody will poop in the potty for you.”  This time, however, he just quietly bowed his head and said, “I will, Mommy.”  Guilt trip complete.

Now I’ll make dinner, force everyone to scrub their butts and their teeth, encourage reading at bedtime, complain about wet towels and where they are left, clean up the mess, sing lullabies, and sit down to look at the assignment for the week.


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