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Rambling Bird

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Here we are on Thursday again.  I really have not given my homework an appropriate amount of attention this week, either.  The Baby Bird stayed at Grandma’s last night, so I’m enjoying some bonus alone time this morning.  As soon as I get the laundry caught up and the kitchen wiped down, I’ll probably get on the homework thing.  Oops, there goes the dryer.  Be right back.

So, what shall I tell you about today?  I’m not feeling terribly inspired, but I feel like I should push through and come up with something.  I’m already losing you, aren’t I?

Ahh, the Ten o'Clock bird!

Ahh, the Ten o’Clock bird!

Okay, here’s something.  We have  New Pope!  Well, I don’t, not being Catholic and all, but the world does.  He seems like a really nice guy.  An excellent choice, by all accounts.  Now, I did see a few tweets and Facebook postings yesterday about how he is against gay marriage and not pro-choice with regards to abortion or even contraception, but I’m not sure what those folks were expecting.  Those 115 cardinals weren’t going to lock themselves into the Sistine Chapel and elect themselves a liberal Democrat as pope.  I mean, they had to pick one of their own and it turns out that they are all Catholic Cardinals.  All that said, Pope Francis has a wonderful warm smile, and seems to have a very gentle and humble way about him.  I look forward to seeing where he will steer the church.

Hey, it’s almost 10:00.  I do love the Ten o’Clock bird.  Long ago we let the battery die on the sounds, mostly because it freaks people out, but I still remember how sweet the white-throated sparrow sounded.


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  1. My grandparents had one of those clocks along with all the other clocks in the house that ticked and chimed each quarter hour. I thought it interesting that my daughter’s teacher had the same clock in her classroom last year. I would let the batteries did, too. 😉

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