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zoofari_hpbannerSo, we bought the tickets.  It isn’t often we will plan something more than a week or two in advance, but Zoofari is one of those things.  Zoofari is basically a fundraising event for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  They get a bunch of local restaurants to serve very tiny portions of food and drink.  You buy an entry ticket that comes with three drink tickets (and you can buy packets of 5 more drink tickets), and then you wander around the zoo in the evening and eat and drink.  There are no kids there, just grown ups.  It’s my favorite time of the zoo all year!  And I’m not kidding.  I love taking my kids to the zoo.  They have loved it their whole lives.  Supporting the zoo is a joy and a privilege.  We buy annual memberships for our family and my parents every year.  But zoofari is special.  Our best couple friends, whose own kids are raised, always come with us.  There is cheesy live music and fun food.  We get too enjoy each other on an early summer night with food and drink and sometimes even animals.  We have fun people watching, especially the 60 something woman trying to fool the world into believing they haven’t turned 40 yet, those are my personal favorites.  NO KIDS, did I mention that?

junglejackhanna_story1And two years ago, working our way through a crowd, I got to brush shoulders with Jungle Jack Hanna.  I have such a crush on Jungle Jack.  Even my husband is aware of my silly crush on Jack.  Big silly goof of a good guy.  He tickles me.  Someday, after I’m a rich librarian (it’s okay, I am joking, you can laugh), or win the lottery, I will pop for VIP tickets to Jack Hanna’s VIP party at Zoofari.  I can’t afford the $500 tickets this year, but who knows what next year brings, right?

So, just thought I’d share that we have purchased our tickets for this year’s event.  I am so very thankful for our friends and for my parents who keep the kids overnight.  🙂



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One thought on “Zoofari!

  1. Sounds like a great night. My parents always went to that when we were kids! They went out a LOT more often than we did. Funny, my Grandma was at our house practically every weekend to baby-sit us! What gives?! 😉

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