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Three down, thirty-three to go…


First MLIS class is complete.  First paper of grad school is complete.  I feel pretty confident I will get an A minus, but an A is still possible.  There are four assignments and the final paper still to be graded.  Man, I’d love to start this journey off with an honest to goodness 4.0, A.  Once you get something less, it can never get back to the 4.0, right?  On the other hand, bursting the bubble right out of the gate with a 3,7 A minus might just take the pressure off.  I can spend the rest of my grad school career trying to see how many digits I can put the 3.99999 out there.  So, anyway, three credit hours complete, thirty-three to go.  I’ve already registered for my summer classes, which don’t start until June, and fall registration is a week from Monday.  It suddenly seems like it’s going very fast.  I’m sure I won’t feel like that when I spend the next eight weeks or so doing NOTHING toward graduation.  That’s a little frustrating.  I wish I’d figured this half-semester class thing out in time to register for another class for the last half of spring term.  But I didn’t, so I will enjoy the time off and dive in head first in June.

I’m still fat.  No big surprise there.  I’m a stress eater and it’s been a struggle all weekend with working on that final paper.  I didn’t go completely crazy.  I didn’t actually give myself permission to eat whatever I wanted, so that’s good.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t lose anything, but I don’t think I gained anything, either.  I guess I better take advantage of this time without classes to get a handle on some lifestyle changes if I want to be successful at getting my health under control.  I’m having a sneaky little thought that is starting to piss me off.  I may actually have to get off my butt sooner than later.  I can’t wait until I’m “successful” at dieting.  It just doesn’t make sense.  I’m going to have to sweat.  On purpose.  Oooh, how I hate that.  I’m making peace with it, but I’m not happy about it.

And, oh boy you’re going to get sick of me!  I’ve got several writing assignments I want to give myself now that I have time off school.  One is to tell you my grandmother’s stories as I know them.  I also want to gather as much as I can on my grandfathers’ military histories.  My maternal grandfather was in the Navy, my paternal grandfather in the Army.  One is gone now and the other is not exactly a reliable source anymore.  I need to gather the memories of those who knew them while I can.  I want to write it down for my children.

And I want to rant about Victoria’s Secret and their new line for tweens.  It’s all over the internet, I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now.  If you haven’t, Google Victoria’s Secret “bright young things.”  After you get out from under your rock, of course.  Yes, there’s a nice minister dad who wrote an open letter to VS about his daughter and what he thinks of the line, but frankly he was too soft.  This crap isn’t appropriate at 25, let alone nine.  I can’t imagine ever putting the words “Call Me” anywhere on my body, let alone my underwear.  Whatever, I’m too giddy to give this rant my proper attention tonight.

I’m going to go enjoy my adult beverage and wallow in my feeling of accomplishment.  I’ve completed something on this journey.  I can DO this!  I’m so PUMPED!


Author: tenoclockbird

Just another mommy/student/librarian wannabe writing a blog.

2 thoughts on “Three down, thirty-three to go…

  1. MLIS=Master’s Library and Information Science? If so, good for you. I’m totally jealous. I might get around to getting one of those some day. I’ve always wanted to be a librarian. 🙂

    • Yup! I have been thinking about it for years. I have a BA in Communications, but it’s 20 years old this year, and I’ve never actually used it for anything. I haven’t worked since the day before my oldest was born, so if I go back to work when the youngest is in school, I’ll have to explain a decade sized hole in my resume. Much easier with a brand new shiny degree. 🙂 This program is through Kent State, and it’s possible to do it 100% online, though I’ll probably take some course work at the State Library.

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