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Losing the Sauce


The Weight Watchers thing has, so far, been really helpful, but you know what helps even more?  All the times I failed before.  Even when I failed, I learned stuff.  I learned a lot of stuff.  Stuff about myself, my habits, my strengths and shortcomings.  Stuff about food, and shortcuts, and things that work and don’t work.  So, here’s a couple things I have learned:

1) Bread is bad, but that’s okay.  I don’t really need bread. I like bread.  I LOVE bread, even, but I don’t need it.  At least not like I thought I did.  The first time I attempted to shed a few pounds, the first thing I did was run out and find some “diet” or “light” bread so I wouldn’t have to give up my sandwiches.  You know what?  They all suck.  They are not nearly satisfying enough, and in the end, I would usually eat something else AND the diet bread and that didn’t work so well.  A friend told me about sprouted grain breads.  I found one I like and it’s delicious.  It’s not hugely more nutritious, but it does have a lower glycemic index, and less carbohydrates.  Plus, it’s just yummy.  So, instead of giving up bread entirely, I eat that, usually toasted, and make open-faced sandwiches.

DSC_00222) Sauces are the devil!  Dressing, in particular, but also mayonnaise.  My habit was to put mayo or butter on every piece of toast ever made.  Then follow that with cheese, or meat, or both, then MAYBE some veggies.  That’s silly, and not necessary.  Every good diet source will tell you to up the flavor, so hot sauce helps a lot, and pepper cheese is good.  And then, it turns out, I just don’t need the mayo or butter.  No substitution necessary!  Not saying I will never have mayo or butter.  Life isn’t worth living if those are off limits for ever, but I can usually leave it off, and not really miss it.

So, today’s breakfast is a piece of sprouted wheat bread, toasted and topped with halved cherry tomatoes and pepper jack cheese, all melty from the toaster oven.  Delicious.  Satisfying.  Four WW PointsPlus points.


Author: tenoclockbird

Just another mommy/student/librarian wannabe writing a blog.

3 thoughts on “Losing the Sauce

  1. Yum!! That looks tasty!! I’m a sandwich girl at heart, but I’m finding that wraps seem to be more satisfying than bread. I don’t know if it’s because it’s fun and different or what, but I’ve eaten a wrap every day this week. 🙂

  2. That looks yummy and healthy. Some protein in that cheese!

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