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Ice Cream, please. Hold the cream.


Sounds awful, doesn’t it?  Ice cream with no cream?  What’s the point?  Sounds like non-alcoholic tequila.  There’s a product that shouldn’t exist!  A nine-year-old doesn’t know much about tequila, non-alcoholic or otherwise, so when Girlie saw me stumble across this blog entry about  “Magic One Ingredient Ice Cream,” she HAD to try it.  She loves bananas anyway, and since the “magic” essentially amounts to whizzing up frozen bananas in the blender and refreezing it, I agreed to give it a try.  Did you know that bananas are zero points in WW?  Yeah.  That might have been part of why I agreed to this experiment.

If you follow the link above, the blogger talks about lots of different tweaks you can try that all sound delicious, but since I was interested in a possible zero point dessert, I thought we’d start small.  I bought about twice as many bananas as I needed for the pudding on Easter, and let the leftovers get perfectly ripe before peeling them and putting them in a Ziploc freezer bag.  Sunday afternoon seemed as good a time as any to give it all a try.

So, let’s just say that frozen bananas with no liquid are quite the challenge for a blender.  I got them started, but I needed just a touch of liquid, so I dumped a quarter cup of whole milk in the blender.  Yes, I realize that negates the NO cream thing, but it was just a little.  We got it going well, and added some frozen strawberries and it turned out really well!  You don’t need to eat a lot of it, but it is delicious.  Naturally sweet, and did I mention, zero points?




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3 thoughts on “Ice Cream, please. Hold the cream.

  1. I keep seeing this all over the place but haven’t tried it yet. Guess I”ll have to get those bananas in the freezer quick!

  2. Mmm! This sounds delicious! JC only recommends skim milk or ff yogurt but maybe one of those would work?

    • I absolutely think either of those would work. The original “recipe” didn’t call for any of it, though. I think if you cut the bananas in fairly small slices and let them sit a minute, you could whip them up with no extra liquid. And maybe if the strawberries were fresh.

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