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20130605_071407I love my bed.  Who doesn’t, right?  That alarm goes off and suddenly that warm comfy spot is the most wonderful spot in the world, right?  Well, if I get up right then, if I never consider the snooze, I am always glad.  If I hit the snooze, even once, I’m done for if there’s no appointment pressing.  No matter how much is on the day’s agenda, I can justify another hour or more in nine minute increments.  But here’s the best thing.  When I get up to walk, or otherwise exercise in some way, it’s the best.  I get to be quiet.  Yes, those of you who know me, I do enjoy that once in a while.  I get to walk the neighborhood and focus my eyes on things that are further away than the other side of the room, or my computer monitor.  I get to listen to the birds.  Then when I get home, if I’m really lucky, nobody is awake yet and I get to have some quiet time at home.  Drinking my coffee in peace is a privilege, indeed.  Sitting down with the computer for some uninterrupted writing, with my banana and my coffee, that is a rare treat, for sure.

Too bad I have nothing to say today.


Author: tenoclockbird

Just another mommy/student/librarian wannabe writing a blog.

3 thoughts on “‘Morning

  1. 🙂 The snooze button always wins in my house. I envy your ability to get up and MOVE!

  2. I disagree with the last sentence and I would delete it entirely from this piece. I actually found this to be one of the most interesting yet. I found these reflections to be more compelling than recitations of the daily tasks which we are all doing. From one would-be writer to an actual writer.

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