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This I believe…

So, I’m swamped.  Two classes, both accelerated for summer, all three kids home, softball, baseball, church, family, stuff.  I’m swamped.  But I wanted to share this.  That’s what a blog is for, right?  I had to write this for a class.  It was an excellent exercise.

This I believe . . .

I believe in me. I believe I am strong and capable and still constantly struggling to remember that and to motivate myself. I believe that my weaknesses make me stronger and that my strengths can sometimes make me arrogant and weak.

I believe in my family. I believe that my parents did the absolute best that they could to raise my brother and me, and that they succeeded in more ways than they failed. I believe there was a great deal of luck thrown in with their successes, and a great deal of love to mitigate their failures. I believe that my husband is the best decision I ever made and that my children are our greatest accomplishments. I believe that there was no luck in choosing the right husband, but there is a bucket of luck in how blessed I am to be raising these particular amazing kids. I believe it is my job to live everyday with the intention of doing the job of raising this family to success no matter what luck we end up with.

So, I suppose, what I believe is really about family and love and faith. I have no intention of preaching a sermon in this essay, but my faith in God and my salvation is certainly at the core of everything else I believe. That faith cannot be left ignored in an essay about what I believe. It is the core of who I am, a child of God, and how I live my life. It is what informs my belief in me and in my family and my place in that family and the world. I believe that without my faith, I would struggle, finding the questions of my everyday existence too difficult to bear and too complicated to ponder. It is my faith that shores up all other beliefs.

And I believe in science. I believe that science and religion are not contradictory forces. For religion to be taken seriously, it must never try to force a mystical explanation when a perfectly good empirical one exists. Having faith in a creator only increases my awe as I gather information about His creation. Science that rejects all faith is only another form of religion, but one with a much more pessimistic conclusion based on what is unknown, rather than what is known. All that said, I believe that each individual has to arrive at their own conclusions regarding science and religion, both separately and how they relate to each other. Whatever conclusions one reaches, I believe that they are only valid if they help the individual to live a happier or otherwise more productive life.

I believe that humankind is constantly reaching, and attempting to improve our situation, our comfort level, whether comfort in knowledge, spirituality, or physical surroundings. The vast amount of information generated everyday piling up on the human race’s full body of knowledge is extraordinary. Some of it is junk, some of it can lead to wisdom, but all of it is just there. I am excited as a person at the notion of saving tiny pieces of the shared knowledge of our species. Sharing those pieces with others who are interested is a fascinating concept.

I believe that none of us as individual members of humankind can grow and reach our full potential without access to the wisdom of those who have gone before. It is because my children are blessed to live in an affluent suburb with free access to books and other learning materials at home, at school, in their library, that they will be able to use their God-given talents to whatever full measure they are driven. It should be someone’s mission to bring those advantages to those who do not have them. And that access should be guarded by those who enjoy it, as well as those who work to grant it.

I believe it is nothing but good for the citizens of any town, state, or country to have more and better access and the right to use that access as each individual sees fit for their individual

journey of discovery. That might mean a spiritual journey, a scientific quest, or just a leisurely stroll through a fantasy fiction novel. Ideas, as much as information, must flow freely between groups and individuals and be evaluated constantly by each entity in contact. As well, I believe that the journeys of those who came before us should be preserved and shared with future generations, if for no other reason (and I can think of many other reasons) than to keep us from repeating the mistakes of those who came before.