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One Busy Summer


So many things happened this summer that I wanted to talk about and it all just got away from me. I was so crazy busy there was never time to write about any of them. I had visceral reactions to many of the news stories of the summer and I wanted to take the time to flesh it out here, but I didn’t dare stop and take the time. I barely kept my head above water for the month of June, and July wasn’t much better. I wish I’d taken the time to just jot down some notes about the high points, but eh, it’s over.

Having taken just the one class in the spring, trying to ease back into the whole academic life, I figured I would up it to two classes and try to take at least two at a time until I finish. Somehow I failed to properly plan for the fact that summer classes are generally accelerated a bit. Normally 12 week classes are condensed to fit a shorter schedule. Yeah. I took one class condensed to FIVE weeks, and another to EIGHT weeks. They started on the same day, just 10 days after the kids got out of school. I must have been momentarily insane when I signed up for that. I don’t actually know what I was thinking. It hadn’t been THAT tough taking the one class. I got the work done, everyone lived. But there had been at least a few hours a week of quiet around here. Not so much when school is out. These kids, oh, dear Lord, these kids are loud. Together, apart, when sleeping, they are just loud. Naturally, brilliantly, annoyingly, maddeningly LOUD. You can give it prettier words like boisterous, or exuberant, but it all boils down to loud.

Now, those of you who know me in real life better just wipe that smug grin off your face. Yes, I know I am not a meek or quiet person. I am fully aware of all the people I’ve driven mad with my noisy ways over the years. I know that these children get these tendencies honestly and all of that. But really? Please? Just a few minutes a day of slightly lowered noise level? Please?

And don’t forget that both big kids played ball in June, and Annie’s season ran into July. Multiple games and practices each week, plus all the usual life stuff that mom has to do to keep everyone clean, fed, clothed, and not tripping over piles of our own crap. I had help from my parents, who took kids together and separately at various times all summer, but still! All I’m saying is that this summer has been a bitch!

See? We got to see the 2013 Butter Cow at the Ohio State Fair!

See? We got to see the Butter Cow at the Ohio State Fair!

Here’s the good news, though. I did it. We all survived. And I think I even got As in both classes, but one just ended yesterday, so grades aren’t in, yet. I’ll know for sure by the end of Tuesday. Both kids had wonderful ball seasons. We made it to the State Fair. We had a lovely Fourth of July. We even made it to church a few times. Once, I took all three of them to the pool for the afternoon, and I liked it. Now I’m on the other side and looking back. There’s really nothing like being at the finish line (even if it’s just a sort of sub-finish line) and looking back with amazement. I’m feeling good about the accomplishment and I’m thinking that fall is going to be wonderful.

I love fall.  I mean, I REALLY love fall. I always have. The smells, the colors, the clothes, the weather, school starting, the beginning of the push to the holidays, all of it. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in October? I don’t know, but I love it. So now that I finished summer classes, I am looking forward to a couple weeks off, with the kids still out of school, but I can’t wait to get back at it with the fall. The kids go back on the 20th, I start up on the 26th. Naturally I have a long list of projects I’d like to tackle around the house before going back, things to paint, or clean out, or whatever, but when I’m being realistic I know I’d be happy to just get all the bathrooms cleaned at the same time and the laundry caught up.

And I wanted to write about hipsters tonight.  The topic has come up in a couple different contexts lately. I’ve had a few separate conversations about it and I was going to share my thoughts. Eh, I’m tired. Maybe tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “One Busy Summer

  1. Don’t forget to mention PBR when you write about hipsters.

  2. I loved this entry!! Congrats on not just getting all your classwork done while the kids were out of school, but on making good grades, to boot. And I even dragged you to the pool one day, wow!

    You made it!

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