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All Saints’ Sunday


So much I thought I’d write about today, and I’m not feeling any of it.

I used the leaf blower to gather up all the leaves in the back yard so my husband could drag them to the street for the city to collect, but naturally the kids couldn’t help a romp in the pile first. I grabbed the camera and captured some of the fun. I’m going to be blogging every day, so I can tell you how the apple fig butter turned out later. (Spoiler: IT ROCKED!) For now I just want to share some pictures of my kids. I’m not the best photographer, despite swearing I was going to learn how to use the great camera I’ve got. Eh, if you click enough, sometimes you get lucky.


fall 1 fall 3 fall 8 fall 10 fall 11 fall 12 fall 14 fall 15 fall 16 fall 18 fall 19 fall 20 fall 23 fall 24 fall 26



Author: tenoclockbird

Just another mommy/student/librarian wannabe writing a blog.

2 thoughts on “All Saints’ Sunday

  1. What a lovely trio of children you have! And I love your new banner photo.

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