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Did you read MotherhoodWTF’s recent blog about the lies we tell the world on Facebook? You should. It’s called “When Photos Lie” and I wish I’d written it. I could have. I’ve had the exact same experience, only there are three children on our outings, we have never had much luck with kites, and I usually don’t even get good pictures. Since I’ve long since learned that only a tiny fraction of you will even glance at that blog entry, even though I gave you the link right there, I’ll just tell you that it’s a mom talking about how we only post the good stuff on Facebook and the like, and that’s all fine and good, but it’s just a slice of real life. She’s not saying we should post more bad stuff, or stop posting good stuff, just that we all have to remember not to compare ourselves to the mostly airbrushed version of our friends we see on social media.

fall 15Just for fun, let’s remember the wonderful pictures of my beautiful children that I took while they played in the leaves on Sunday afternoon. It’s looks like an all American autumn afternoon with sweet, rambunctious children romping in the leaves. What it really was? Three completely spastic children called away from their over indulgence in video games and Halloween candy, forced outside nearly against their will, who found a few minutes of fun so thrilling that they had to shriek nearly the entire time at a decibel level that would cause hearing damage, while never going more than three seconds without bickering with one or both siblings. I spent most of the time asking them to glance my way or stop hitting each other, or at the very least keep the leaves in some sort of grouping because remember Daddy is trying to load them on the tarp and haul them to the street. In the end, the bickering got so out of hand, I sent them all inside to separate rooms and then retreated to the basement to look at the pictures on the good computer. When I heard the bickering start up again, I went up to try and come up with some idea for dinner, which I did not want to cook and I knew they would not want to eat.

Pictures lie, for sure. But they don’t either. I want to remember the sweet innocence of these tree beautiful kids throwing leaves in the air an hour before sunset. I want to remember that they were trilled to be outside on a cool, but not yet cold, autumn afternoon. I know when they are grown up I will remember that they bickered and undid the cleaning or leaf gathering that I did every day, but I don’t need to remember the EXACT times. I want to remember exactly that moment when I stood over the three of them, lying in the leaves giggling, looking up at me. And I have pictures of that.


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