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It’s Finally Friday

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Not that the days of the week make much difference in my life these days. The weekends are just a different flavor of chaos. Middle Bird has a scout activity in the morning so he and Daddy will be up and out early-ish. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep later than usual, but if not, eh, whatever.

Sunday the choir is not singing. I know I should go to church anyway, but we probably won’t. My parenting partner takes his annual week off to go hunting in the cold north next week, so Sunday will be busy gathering and sorting and packing gear. I’ll stay out of it, but it makes it easier to justify not getting everybody up and ready for church. A wonderful pastor once told me that if you can’t miss one Sunday, you’re going for the wrong reasons.

Then Monday will be, well, Monday, and Tuesday my week as a solo parent begins. I have very mixed feelings about it, but it will be fine. When that’s over, it’s practically Thanksgiving and BAM we are smack in the middle of the holidays! It’s so amazing to me how it sneaks up on me every year.

I can’t hold my eyes open. Once I get the big kids to turn their lights out, I’m dropping. Good night.



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