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Saturday with friends

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Saturday! Yeah, I’ve got some school work that should be looked into, but it isn’t due, yet. Our favorite overnight guests, the only people in the world who can text at 8:30 in the morning and say, “What are you doing tonight? Can we come visit?” are coming tonight. Seriously, if it were anyone else, NO! We couldn’t plan this last week? A few days notice would kill you? But no, these friends are given a pass. We love them, and they are the easiest guests ever. Plus, they love my obnoxious children. I mean, I love my obnoxious children, but I could totally see how folks visiting might be annoyed by them. But not these friends. These are the friends we took with us to Disney just so we’d have a better adult to child ratio. These are the friends who have loved my kids since they were born and are like an extra aunt and uncle. So, yes, yes YOU guys can come tonight. Let’s watch the game. What should we eat?

Besides, I think I already decided I was not getting up at 6:00 a.m. to get everyone to church by 9:00, so even better.

It’s a blessing to have such wonderful friends. 


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