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Such a lovely evening, #FridayNight #MovieNight

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I totally blew off all reasonable responsibilities tonight and hung out with the two big kids. The little one is at Grandma’s and Daddy is out of town, so the three of us had a lovely veg out evening.

Seriously, this boy LOVES some orange soda.

Seriously, this boy LOVES some orange soda.

I took them to the grocery right after school for their very favorite treat in the world. No, it isn’t ice cream. No, not candy. For heaven’s sake we’ve got enough of that around here. Not even baked goods, cookies, cakes, pies, muffins. None of that is as wonderful as a highly sweetened, carbonated beverage. The girl chose root beer, the boy chose orange Sunkist. I’m all about healthy eating and improving our diets, but sometimes you just have to splurge. I also picked up the stuff to make pizza at home.

We got home and changed into jammies. We brought our pillows down from bed and cuddled on recliners with the fire lit. We enjoyed cocoa, soda, home baked pizza, popcorn, and more soda. We watched several hours of Phineas and Ferb, including the Star Wars parody that was just fabulous fun. Then we watched the Nut Job. We giggled a lot.

It was perfectly lovely just being together. I don’t know if they’ll remember tonight when they look back on their childhood, but I will.


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One thought on “Such a lovely evening, #FridayNight #MovieNight

  1. I love nights like that. Happy weekending!

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