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Winter beauty blessings


The snow is here, little early this year, for sure. Maybe it’s because I grew up so very far away from this place, but I’m still a so amazed by the snow.

When they started forecasting some measurable snow for Sunday, I went through the same routine I do every time. Start by totally not believing a word of any forecast more than three days out. More often than not, even my favorite local meteorologist is wrong about snow more than three days out. He’s very careful about how he phrases his forecasts, never wanting to make promises so far in advance, but even so, calling for a couple inches of snow for Monday morning just doesn’t mean much on the Wednesday before.

On Saturday, I started thinking maybe there might actually be a little. Well, even if we don’t get the “couple inches” or even something measurable, I bet there will be a pretty shower, and I love to watch it snow, especially at night. As a kid, I didn’t really know how to watch for snow at night.Not until after I moved back to Ohio as an adult did I learn how to find a light, like a street light, maybe across the street, and look to see if it’s snowing. Just looking out the window, it’s often easy to miss the snow at night, or totally misjudge how fast it’s falling.

By Sunday morning I was starting to believe the reports calling for two to four inches. I started wondering if I’d have the Monday my calendar said I would have. I should have been up scrambling eggs at 6:40 shepherd everyone through the morning chaos, then pile them in the car and drop the big kids at one school, then off to the church in another suburb to drop the little guy at preschool. No point heading home, so hang around in that part of town until he’s out of preschool, then longer until our scheduled parent teacher conference at 1:00. Then back to Worthington to be home when the big kids get home, on to homework, dinner, laundry, baths, bed, etc. Just a couple inches of snow can change all that pretty quickly. Only a couple inches, maybe less depending on timing, could cause a delay or two and my whole day can be turned upside down. But, still. SNOW!

By Sunday afternoon, the kids were getting in on the predictions. They got their homework finished, but I know the big ones, at least, were pulling for a full on snow day. Everyone slept with their pajamas inside out. I’m not sure where that superstition comes from, feel free to tell me if you know. Maybe I just wasn’t privy to such things, growing up in Georgia, where it only takes the threat of a couple flakes and a freezing temperature to call off school. Seems to be the prevailing wisdom among elementary aged kids here in Ohio, though, so inside out went the jammies. Even for the youngest.

I put everyone to bed by nine or so, and since my homework was turned in, I enjoyed my silly take out meal alone. I climbed into bed by eleven or so and as usual, cracked the window over my bed. I could hear that it was raining, and the news said the outside temperature was 33 degrees. I tried to watch until the full weather forecast, but I just couldn’t stay awake. When I got up to put Baby Bird back to bed after a potty break, I noticed it was strangely quiet outside. That eerie quite that means just one thing. It’s snowing. Sure enough, everything was pretty much covered already. Except the ground. It’s still pretty early in the season, so concrete, and any place the grass isn’t all that long, is still pretty warm. But the temperature was dipping below freezing and it was sticking.


This the backyard we woke up to.


When we woke at the usual time, our Worthington schools were delayed by two hours. That’s it, the day will be a little different. No sense driving back and forth to the preschool with the snow-crazed rush hour drivers, especially since I’d have to be in Worthington to get the bigs to school. Two hours is long enough for everyone to get a little off with the scheduling, so tempers were out of whack. Got them to school and took the little one to the grocery in the still falling snow. Drivers are crazy, but at least we’re close to home. As I drove, I giggled at myself for still being so amazed by the snow covered trees. Heading into my 19th winter in Ohio, and I still feel like a little kid when the snow flies.

But then. Then after lunch, I looked up and the sun was out. And the sky is the absolute most amazing shade of blue you’ve ever seen. And the branches of every tree are covered in chunks of the white stuff. It’s amazingly gorgeous and even if you’ve lived here your whole life, you have to admit, it’s stunning. So, I’ll share a little of the beauty with you. Enjoy.








Author: tenoclockbird

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4 thoughts on “Winter beauty blessings

  1. Just the perfect essay about snow. I’m so glad you love the snow; I do, too! (I do not, however, love snow days off from school and two-hour delays!) But winter without snow is just depressing. Cheers to ya, girl.

  2. And I just might make some cookies. I never feel like it; I actually think it’s a huge hassle! But it’s that kind of day.

  3. Great pictures, Elli.

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