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Been a while…

I haven’t really posted since right after the election. I have plenty to say, as usual, but I don’t feel like I have anything unique to add to the conversation, so I’ll keep letting it play out without me for the time being. I’ll just say that the current political climate is making life hard for a lot people I love. If you think that makes me, or those people I love, “special snowflakes” than I don’t want to talk to you about politics at all, as we’re just going to fight right now. And if you understand why things are painful, than we don’t really need to talk, either. We can just nod and smile and know we’re on the same page. I’ll be up to chatting about opinion things someday. Today is too hard.

So, what do I want to write about? Gosh, life is full of interesting stuff, huh? We’re just humming along here at our house. Child #1 has crossed the threshold into the teen years, complete with hormonal changes and orthodontics. She’s a joy and a challenge and that’s just how it is. Child #2 is fully enveloped in Boy Scouts and it keeps him and his friends, not to mention his father, busy all month long, especially the weekend each month that they camp. Year round. Yeah, it was cold last weekend! Child #3 is fully into the elementary years, with big new front teeth, all sorts of newly acquired independence, and a confidence and sweetness that amaze me.

201701301271380793.jpgWe added a family member in December. Hazel McBean Cucksey is a beagle mutt, likely with some terrier in there. She’s a rescue, but she comes to us fully house broken and crate trained. She’s a bit anxious and definitely needs to work on her social skills with other dogs, but she loves all the people and is gentle with kids. She’s loving and submissive, and really is just the right dog for our family.

Me? What’s going on with me? Well, today marks one year since I started working (for pay) in the library at Trinity Lutheran Seminary. In that time, the Seminary and Capital University have decided to “reunite” and what that means for any of us has yet to be established. We’re told now that a staffing model has been established and we’ll be told individually what role we might have after the reunion by the end of March. So, we wait. I would love nothing more than to stay at Trinity, or even Capital or a combination of the two, but it’s time for me to start looking for full-time work. I’ll stick around long enough to find out what role (if any) they envision me playing, but if it isn’t full time, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. My heart would break to leave Trinity. I feel called to be here, to be part of the mission of this institution, to be part of it’s survival and growth into the future, but I can’t make it work without full time wages and some benefits. Despite the tensions created among the staff created by being in the dark about our futures, this is still a wonderful place to come to work everyday. I love seeing the students go from tentative first-years to graduating and moving out into ministry. I love being part of the mission: to form leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world!

But what if I have to leave? Well, there’s a full time job out there for me, I’m sure. Now I have a solid year’s experience as Public Services Librarian on my résumé, and a bunch of folks who would like to be references. That can’t be bad, right?

I hate waiting. Stay tuned.