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Almost, but not yet

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Edited, Friday, May 12

Capital University announced yesterday that  Dr. Rachel Rubin, current director of Bexley Public Library, will be the new Director of Libraries and Information Services. She is supremely qualified and I’m sure will do great things for Capital’s Libraries!

Limbo. Merriam Webster says “a place or state of restraint or confinement,” or “a place or state of neglect or oblivion,” and “an intermediate or transitional place or state, a state of uncertainty.” We are definitely in that place. Several times since Easter, references have been made to that prolonged Holy Saturday. There is grief, uncertainty, restraint, but there WILL be rebirth, renewal, growth. Just not yet. Not knowing things is hard. We are in a place of almost, but not yet.


Every day I think about posting here, and every day I find a reason to keep my thoughts to myself. Turns out, most of my thoughts center around the future, in particular the future of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, it’s library, and how I may or may not fit into that future. I wouldn’t want to share too much of what runs around in my head, mostly because most of it is based on incomplete information gathered from rumors that don’t need to be passed on, or assumptions that may just be incorrect. We’ve been given precious few facts and I’ve got thoughts that shouldn’t be shared about THAT, too.

Every day someone asks me what’s going on with my job, so here’s what I can share. All current positions in Hamma Library will be eliminated June 30th. Our director has secured employment elsewhere (Congrats, Evan!) and so his last day is May 26th. A new Director of Libraries will be hired by Capital University and Hamma will fall under that person’s direction. We expect an announcement concerning that hire any minute. Hamma Library will become a branch of Capital’s Blackmore Library and the new director will then have to decide what to do to keep Hamma running. There will be positions here to do that, but we have no real details on those positions. I will, of course, apply for one of those positions, but without details, I don’t even know for sure that I’m qualified. The other staff whose jobs are being eliminated are examining their possible paths. Some have decided to retire, others are looking for other opportunities, and at least one more is still unsure. We anxiously await the hiring of the new director.

In the meanwhile I’ve spent countless hours examining what I really WANT to happen. I have all sorts of crazy plans with minutia figured out, but none of them are really that important. I have concluded that I’m less concerned with the minutia than the big picture. Here are my wish priorities, with regard to my career future, in this order:

  • To secure employment as a professional librarian utilizing my MLIS
  • To find full-time employment, with benefits to include paid time off, retirement savings, and health insurance that includes vision at a minimum, and possibly tuition benefits for myself and dependents
  • To remain in an academic library setting
  • To remain at Capital/Trinity as a professional librarian with responsibilities including theology reference and research instruction work
  • To pursue an appropriate Master’s degree as a theology subject specialist

I don’t think there is yet any reason to scratch anything from this list. I am still hopeful, maybe even confident, that these are all still completely reasonable expectations.

All that said, I’m looking for other work. Part-time work has been a good fit for our household this far. There are logical reasons not to add too much too quickly as we look at next school year. We’ll have two middle schoolers in two different schools, and one more still in elementary. It could very well be the busiest we’ve ever been! My husband has health insurance through his employer and we’re all covered. We’re making ends meet on what he makes and what I contribute now. In fact, we’ve made up some lost ground by just adding my part-time income. Maybe I shouldn’t be in such a hurry to go full-time.

But I love this place, and I love this work, and I love these students. These particular individual students, but also this kind of student. These people who have chosen to pursue ministry, or theological education, in this modern age. They’re an incredibly diverse bunch of folks, and yet so much alike. I feel called to be here with them, to help them, to be part of the mission of Trinity.

It is not for me to determine the details of this “reunion” between Capital and Trinity. I have no say in the shaping of these institutions. I can only work hard and pray that those making those choices will see my value and hold a place for me.



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