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Who Are We?

fall 15Every stay-at-home-mom with a computer and a little time on her hands has a mommyblog, right?  Who wants to read more of that?  Well, maybe nobody, I don’t really care.  Seems like a good way to record a little of our family history before it gets away. And I’m a bit of an attention hound, so interaction is great.  Feel free to comment. I should also tell you that I have opinions. I have lots and lots of opinions. I’m also pretty open minded and I crave debate and discussion. I feel strongly about my opinions, but that doesn’t always mean my mind can’t be changed. And when I spout about what I think, I’m not always trying to change your mind. I do love the give and take of the exchange of ideas and frankly, life is pretty boring if I have to stay completely away from the politics and religion. I will not restrict myself to the weather, so if you’re going to read, please expect me to be honest. I would love it if you would be honest about your opinions, too. Let’s see what we learn about each other!

I am Bird.  I’m married to, well, let’s call him Big Bird.  No, that would annoy the crap out of him.  How about Wingman?  No, that won’t fly either.  Maybe Bird Dude?  That will do for now.  Suggestions welcomed.

We have three kids, let’s call them Birdie Girl (10), Middle Bird (9), and Baby Bird (4).

We live in an Ohio suburb, and have a really lovely life.


Updated 12 Nov 2014


3 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. Sounds like you remember the Johnson era, Lady Bird, etc. (and the play written about them “Macbird.”)

  2. Not first hand. I was born in 1971. I’ve always identified with birds. I don’t necessarily believe in totems, per se, but if I had one, it would be a songbird. Many years ago someone gave me a clock that sounded a different bird call every hour. The ten o’clock bird was especially sweet, so 12 years ago or so, when I was trying to think of a good internet moniker, I came up with tenoclockbird, and it has stuck. I have some very good friends who just know me as Bird. Thanks for reading, by the way!

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