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Baseball, cookouts, and parades!

I could keep writing about my job, but you don’t really want to hear any of that, do you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Nothing new. Nothing to report. I’ll update when there’s something to share.

Instead, let me tell you how awesome our weekend was. Someday when I’m old and my children don’t bring my grandchildren around often enough, when I complain about the poor quality of music on the radio, when I’m just crotchety, THIS will be the weekend I’ll look back on and smile. Memorial Day Weekend 2017 was definitely a high point for this whole family adventure.

Friday was an unexpected day off for me, and a planned vacation day for my husband, so we ran some errands and generally tried to prepare for the weekend. We ended the day with the most delicious steaks on the grill, and gin and tonics on the patio.

Saturday morning I used the leftover ribeyes to make steak and eggs for everyone. Nothing like a massive dose of protein to fuel the troops for the day, right? The middle kid headed off to work on the parade float with his scout troop. We leisurely prepared for the afternoon and evening festivities. The littlest kid had a baseball game to kick off the season, complete with team pictures. Then we spent the evening at a neighbor’s cookout and then sipping beers around their fire pit while the kids from the neighborhood ran around and acted like a pack of kids loose on a summer night.

Sunday we took the dog for her first boarding adventure, then headed up to Cleveland to see the Indians play. We could not have had a better time. The kids were all well behaved, thoroughly enjoyed the game, and even the weather cooperated. At the end, Daddy took the littlest kid for a run around the bases! It’s hard to know which of them was most excited about that. The Indians won, 10-1! GO TRIBE!

Monday the weather was, again, PERFECT, and it’s time for the big Worthington Memorial Day Parade! This is truly one of my very favorite events of the year. Besides just being a wonderful way to remember the fallen heroes who make our cookouts and ballgames possible, I get to enjoy it on my own. Silly? Maybe, but I love it. All three kids and their dad march with scouts, so I get to wander the parade route looking for friends, taking pictures, and enjoying the scene. I love my town, and I love seeing so many different friends come out for the community event. I’m not scared to talk to strangers, either, so I did strike a few of those conversations, too. When it’s over, we meet at the Dairy Queen for ice cream. Can’t beat it!

After the parade, we headed to another favorite neighborhood family’s backyard for yet another cookout.

PhotoGrid_1496176226265Today, I’m back at work. Back to wondering how we’ll figure out the details of the summer. Back to wondering if I’ll have a job past June 30th. Today I’m harassing kids to do chores, thinking about dinner, looking for moments to throw in another load of laundry or empty the dishwasher. This weekend was glorious and I hope I can keep it’s feeling of family connectedness, community belonging, and pride in remembering why our nation is a wonderful place to live. I wish I could just wrap the whole thing up in a box to take out and hold when life gets too crazy. Maybe that’s a little of what I’m doing here.



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I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter…

And make believe… It’s all the homework due this weekend!

If you don’t have the earworm, we have very different taste in music.

I really don’t have much to say except WHOA! I’m pretty behind. I mean, I’m gonna get it done. I’m not afraid it won’t all happen, but I am going to be running my butt off, well, the rest of the year!

20130920_222112School is crazy. I’m so behind in reading, I’m skinning by. Sorry, Stephanie, my friend from college who always had a knack for kicking me in the pants when I needed it, academically. I’ll catch up, I swear, and I’m not blowing stuff off. Well, maybe at the moment while I write this I am, but really, I’m moving all day long. There’s just a lot to pack into those waking hours! And those kids want to eat and wear clean clothes every day!

Oh, and that brings me to my sad house. It’s a mess. I’ve been limping along cleaning toilets when they need it, and keeping the laundry going, and even running the dishwasher every day, but nothing else is getting done. The kitchen floor is in such a need for a sweep it’s sad. And the living/dining room areas are full of folded laundry and kids’ clothes and shoes in flux between seasons. I wrote about the whole season change chaos in the spring. That same thing is going on for fall now, and with the exception that now Baby can wear some of the stuff Middle wore a couple years ago, it’s the same process. What to do with what, and pondering my blessings.

So, yup, I’m swimming upstream. And it just occurred to me this evening that it isn’t going to get any better. I’m in class until November 3rd. The following weekend I have a two day workshop for school. The Monday after THAT I begin my annual week plus of solo parenting. Immediately after THAT is Thanksgiving! That’s it, folks, we’re smack dab in the holiday season then! And between now and the end of classes, life is crazy, too. Daddy Bird is Popcorn Kernel for Middle’s Cub Scout pack. There’s a camp-out for for Daddy, Girlie, and Middle. There’s numerous short assignments and papers, plus the usual round of school stuff, Middle’s fall baseball season, piano lessons, church and choir practice.

No, I’m no busier than any other typical (whatever the hell that is) suburban mom. Life is tough. Suck it up, right? Right. I will. I just looked down the timeline and had a bit of a panic attack tonight. It will all be alright. Really. But I feel a little like I did at the beginning of the summer. Here it comes. It’s gonna be a fun ride, but a ride, nonetheless!

Oh, and a couple other things, while you’re reading. Middle caught a pop fly in tonight’s game. He was proud of himself and I was proud of him, too. Then he ran off the field with the rest of his team and they all congratulated him and patted him on the back like teammates will, and I swear his head was about to explode he was so proud. I got all teary eyed watching him beam like that. He needed that.

And Baby is potty trained. That’s right. I’m calling it. The kid does his business in the potty. Yeah, we have some accidents from time to time, and sometimes he’s not happy about being made to sit on the potty. Still, he does his business and moves on. It’s all good. ūüôā Now this family wants a puppy. You know because there’s not much else going on around here. :

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Laundry, dishes, and dust

Thought I was gone for good, didn’t you? ¬†Ahh, never underestimate my ability to drop and then restart any form of journaling! ¬†Yes, I had grand plans for the things I would write about during this long break between school terms, but it somehow just didn’t happen. ¬†I’d look at the computer and think about sitting down to the keyboard and it just seemed like the last thing in the world I wanted to do. ¬†I’d wonder what I could tell you, and nothing came to mind. ¬†So a day would pass and pretty soon a week, and now almost two months. ¬†And it’s not like I feel I have so much to tell you today, but somehow it feels right to be sitting here typing. ¬†At least I can babble a while. ¬†I won’t be offended if you’ve already closed the page.

photo (1)photoI could write for two hours about what we’ve been up to since I last posted, but most of it is pretty boring, and pretty standard. ¬†School ended for the kids. ¬†Girlie finished the year with strong grades, Middle Bird’s were better than last term. ¬†I’ve lost a tiny bit more weight and I’m still working on it. ¬†Daddy Bird and I went to Florida to visit one of my best friends for her Fortieth Birthday and found out we like visiting South Florida, but love living in Ohio. ¬† Baby Bird has peed in the potty a bunch of times but with no regularity and has still never pooped there. ¬†The weather is warmer and both kids are playing ball. ¬†It’s Girlie’s second year at softball and she’s not the star of the team by any stretch, but she’s getting better and she seems to love it. ¬†Middle Bird has never played before so he’s getting a tough dose of reality since most of the boys have a year or more experience. ¬†I think he thought he would just decide to be great and it would come naturally. ¬†Not so much. ¬†But he’s still enthusiastic and I’m really proud of him for keeping that up. ¬†He’ll get better.

/net/brutus/hsm/dept/mktg/nemo/PersonalityPoses/Dory/ncr_dory.per8.34.tifLife goes on, you know? ¬†I do the laundry and it piles up again. ¬†I empty the dishwasher (or Daddy Bird does, he’s good at that chore!) and it just fills up again. ¬†I vacuum and watch the dust settle again. ¬†It all feels like swimming against the current a little bit. ¬†But we have to keep swimming. ¬†Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! ¬†Just keep swimming. ¬†Thanks, Dory. ¬†Heading into the summer of chaos and freestyle stroking at full speed into the fray, I’ll just keep swimming.

Got an email from one of my two professors for next term yesterday. ¬†I love that she’s in communication a full WEEK before the start of classes. ¬†She included the textbook information and I was able to put it on reserve at the Worthington Library. ¬†I’m the only¬†requester¬†so far, so maybe I won’t have to buy it at all! ¬†She also included a big explanation of the 8 week course with the same curriculum as the 15 week course and how we should plan carefully to get it all done. ¬†Phew, good thing it’s the only thing I have to worry about for the next eight weeks, right? ¬†Oh, wait! ¬†There’s that other class, and these three kids and the damn laundry, dishes, and dust. ¬†Whatever. ¬†It will get done. ¬†Or it won’t. ¬†Priorities will be set and corners will be cut. ¬†This is just the way it is. ¬†As long as everyone is fed and safe, it’s all good.

Did I tell you I got the A last term? ¬†Yeah, that’s right. ¬†It’s just one class, but so far I’ve got the 4.0. ¬†Somehow I just can’t let that go. ¬†I will be crushed if I don’t keep that. ¬†Wish me luck. ¬†Sure, it’s going to take me busting my ass, but it’s going to take a bit of luck, too.

I have some theological things floating around in my head that I want to write about. ¬†I don’t know how to phrase the questions I’m trying to answer, yet, so I guess I can’t write about them just yet. ¬†It’s coming, though. ¬†Might help if someone asks about them later.

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Another weekend…

Daddy Bird took Middle Bird on a scout overnight tonight. ¬†They’ve been gone since 9:30 this morning and won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. ¬†I hope they had a blast. ¬†We spent the day running Girlie to her various activities. ¬†I do not have over scheduled kids. ¬†I am not interested in over scheduling my kids because I don’t think it’s good for them but also because I have no interest in being chauffeur to over scheduled kids. ¬†But right now, Girlie Bird is doing more extra curricular activities than ever before. ¬†She’s a Brownie (though, thankfully, I will no longer be her leader when they bridge to Juniors on Monday!), she’s taking piano, acting lessons, and she is starting her second year of softball. ¬†That’s a lot for us. ¬†Middle Bird is a Cub Scout, and he’ll be playing baseball this summer, too. ¬†It’s a little daunting to look at the calendar, but that’s okay. ¬†We’ll be okay. ¬†But today, Girlie should have had softball clinic at 10:00, had I not forgotten about it only to remember in time to swing by and apologize for not remembering. ¬†Then we headed to Target to pick up a birthday gift. ¬†On to acting class downtown at the Columbus Children’s Theatre. ¬†After acting, back home for a bite to eat, then on to the birthday party. ¬†At least they fed her dinner there!

Baby Bird and I blew those two hours of acting class checking out the new Whole Foods store. ¬†Funny, you can’t get a juice box in that place with your sandwich. ¬†As I mentioned on Facebook, if you want to get dirty looks, speak just a little too loudly and say, “Let’s just go, baby. McDonald’s has juice boxes” in Whole Foods. ¬†You would have thought I’d whipped out some pesticides and started spraying them on the organic olive bar. ¬†It was madness. ¬†They had every kind of flavored bottled green tea you can imagine, but apple juice in a container suitable for a preschooler? ¬†Even organic apple juice in something with a straw? ¬†Nope. ¬†Silly me. ¬†Guess I should have been lugging around my own BPA free bottle to dump some kind of organic juice into? ¬†I don’t know, but it was laughable. ¬†We DID drive to McDonald’s and the juice box was only a dollar.

So, now I’m home and it’s such a pleasant evening. ¬†The little guy is in bed, and the Girl will be shortly. ¬†I should scurry around and try to catch up on housework, but I’m not gonna. ¬†I’m going to do something I haven’t done in AGES! ¬†I’m going to iron my clothes for church tomorrow, take a shower, and THEN, then I’m going to curl up with a BOOK! ¬†And read until I fall asleep. ¬†Yes. ¬†A book. ¬†A real, paperback. ¬†Shocking, I know.

Goodnight, gentle readers.



I’m baaaaaack….

Okay, so I want to get back into the swing of this blogging thing. ¬†I’ve been between classes for over a month now, and I haven’t done much of anything that I’d hoped to do during this break! ¬†I was going to tell you all sorts of things. ¬†I was going to paint the baseboards. ¬†I was going to redo the kids’ bathroom.

DSC_0172What have I been up to? ¬†Well, I sorted out all of our winter and summer clothes. ¬†Doesn’t sound like much, does it, but I started the process way back here on April 4th. ¬†That was just the beginning. ¬†Then the keep stuff has to get packed up again. ¬†THEN, the closets and drawers in our rooms have to be cleaned out. ¬†Winter stuff gets removed, summer stuff stowed. ¬†And all the while they keep WEARING clothes and putting them down the laundry chute, so the whole laundry process must continue. ¬†I’ve also started sorting out the other junk in the basement and gotten rid of a couple old strollers, infant car seats, baby bathtubs, outgrown shoes, a crib mattress, and various other items that were just taking up space in our very limited storage area. ¬†So, there’s all that.

I’ve continued to put energy into this weight loss thing. ¬†Sometimes it’s only mental energy, but that’s something. ¬†I completely blew off the tracking thing from Thursday to Sunday this week. ¬†I could give you my entire justification process, but as I know that it is just that, justification, I won’t bore you with it. ¬†I was sure that when I stepped on the scale today I would be lucky to have maintained. ¬†Nope, I lost 2.4 pounds. ¬†It’s true, I didn’t go crazy over the weekend, other than maybe some extra bread here and there that was totally unnecessary. ¬†We had a lovely lunch at Bravo! after church yesterday with my parents and an old and dear friend visiting from out of town. ¬†I enjoyed a couple pieces of bread and a glass or two of wine, but I did order from the “lighter” menu and avoided the heavy pasta. ¬†I thought it might be enough to keep me from packing on a couple of pounds. ¬†I’m guessing that even if I’m good this week, I’ll find myself holding steady next Monday. ¬†I’ve made peace with that, so we’ll just be good and move on.

Today, I’m glad for my Monday morning respite. ¬†I should go take a shower, but I probably won’t. ¬†I am too jealous of the opportunity to sit at the computer and write or surf with no¬†interruptions. ¬†I can pin the Baby Bird into the family room with a favorite TV show and get 24 minutes to go take a shower. ¬†I almost never get an entire hour, almost two, to just sit at the table in front of the keyboard. ¬†Monday mornings are a¬†rarity. ¬†Except, I could go see if there’s that sweater on sale at Old Navy that I wanted. ¬†Maybe in a minute.

Summer is going to be crazy. ¬†I start my classes the first week or so in June, and the big kids will be busy with softball and baseball. ¬†The calendar is filling up and I’m a little nervous. ¬†I’m glad it’s only going to be six weeks or so of chaos and I’m looking forward to those two weeks in August where everything is over and school hasn’t started yet. ¬†I can’t believe I’m going to have a 3rd and 4th grader! ¬†That’s nuts!

Okay, now it feels like I’m just rambling, so I’ll wrap it up. ¬†Maybe I’ll pop back in this afternoon.