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Holiday cheer

Here we are again, my third year blogging through the holidays. I so love this time of year, and I’m already feeling like it’s flying by. This is the third year pushing through the holidays as a grad student, too. Thankfully, this is it! Graduation is Dec 18th and though I’ve opted to stay home, I’m really looking forward to calling it DONE! Elli Cucksey, MLIS!

Today, I’m putting the bins back in the basement, they’ve been emptied of their Christmas decor bounty. I’m rearranging the living room in preparation for getting the tree on Saturday. I’m pushing the laundry through as fast as it can dry. I’m generally putzing around the house. I’m ordering pictures for the Christmas cards.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to get the cards addressed. I may be trimming the list a bit. Last year’s 200 was a bit unwieldy. I’ll maybe bake brownies. Because, well, BROWNIES.

20151203_112044_hdr.jpgThe holidays always make me weepy, sometimes over sad stuff, sometimes with joy. You know what got me yesterday? Johnny Mathis belting “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Yeah! I mean, “But the prettiest sight to see is the holly/
That will be on your own front door!” YES, I’ve got holly on MY front door, and it’s gorgeous. And then the end, “Soon the bells will start/
And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing/
Right within your heart!” I’ve got a carol right within my heart!

Again, I’m keenly aware of my blessings, because of national events, because of family illnesses, because of friends going through difficult life changes. I’m praying that as long as my blessings last I’m aware and grateful. I’m praying for healing, in all its forms.


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Another weekend…

Daddy Bird took Middle Bird on a scout overnight tonight.  They’ve been gone since 9:30 this morning and won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon.  I hope they had a blast.  We spent the day running Girlie to her various activities.  I do not have over scheduled kids.  I am not interested in over scheduling my kids because I don’t think it’s good for them but also because I have no interest in being chauffeur to over scheduled kids.  But right now, Girlie Bird is doing more extra curricular activities than ever before.  She’s a Brownie (though, thankfully, I will no longer be her leader when they bridge to Juniors on Monday!), she’s taking piano, acting lessons, and she is starting her second year of softball.  That’s a lot for us.  Middle Bird is a Cub Scout, and he’ll be playing baseball this summer, too.  It’s a little daunting to look at the calendar, but that’s okay.  We’ll be okay.  But today, Girlie should have had softball clinic at 10:00, had I not forgotten about it only to remember in time to swing by and apologize for not remembering.  Then we headed to Target to pick up a birthday gift.  On to acting class downtown at the Columbus Children’s Theatre.  After acting, back home for a bite to eat, then on to the birthday party.  At least they fed her dinner there!

Baby Bird and I blew those two hours of acting class checking out the new Whole Foods store.  Funny, you can’t get a juice box in that place with your sandwich.  As I mentioned on Facebook, if you want to get dirty looks, speak just a little too loudly and say, “Let’s just go, baby. McDonald’s has juice boxes” in Whole Foods.  You would have thought I’d whipped out some pesticides and started spraying them on the organic olive bar.  It was madness.  They had every kind of flavored bottled green tea you can imagine, but apple juice in a container suitable for a preschooler?  Even organic apple juice in something with a straw?  Nope.  Silly me.  Guess I should have been lugging around my own BPA free bottle to dump some kind of organic juice into?  I don’t know, but it was laughable.  We DID drive to McDonald’s and the juice box was only a dollar.

So, now I’m home and it’s such a pleasant evening.  The little guy is in bed, and the Girl will be shortly.  I should scurry around and try to catch up on housework, but I’m not gonna.  I’m going to do something I haven’t done in AGES!  I’m going to iron my clothes for church tomorrow, take a shower, and THEN, then I’m going to curl up with a BOOK!  And read until I fall asleep.  Yes.  A book.  A real, paperback.  Shocking, I know.

Goodnight, gentle readers.


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Just a note…

I couldn’t let a day pass without posting just simply because I haven’t yet.  So, I don’t really have anything all that valuable to share today, but here we are.

Of note today:

1) This little blog had topped out at 47 visits a day since it’s inception a week and a half ago.  I posted that bit about the Wizard of Oz last night and tagged my 18 year old cousin and one of her co-stars on Facebook, and suddenly I’ve got more than three times the normal traffic.  Sweet.  🙂

2) The Brownie troop has been saved!  My co-leader and I have both resigned.  She is moving out of the district and her daughter will go to a different school, and I’m swamped with school stuff.  We have been pleading with the other mothers for months for someone to step up and take over.  We’d only had one taker before, but we learned that there is another tonight.  The troop will NOT disban.  These girls will go into 4th grade as a troop.  That’s wonderful because they’ve been together, most of the anyway, since kindergarten!

3) I have a final paper due for my class on Sunday night.  I have not begun it, and I won’t get to it tomorrow, either.  Mom and I are going shopping for the kids’ Easter outfits.  It will be fun, and I can’t wait.  We’ll have Baby Bird with us, but Grandpa will pick up Girlie and Middle, so we’ll be off the hook for deadlines.  

4) Those prick boys in Stuebenville got off too easy and I’m sick to death of the media playing up the “poor boys with the promising future” thing.  My nearly eight-year-old son knows that what they did was ridiculously wrong.  There’s no excuse for them.

5) Hillary Clinton came out in support of Marriage Equality today.  Nobody batted an eye except to mention that it might be in preparation for a run for the presidency.  No grief.  No “what took her so long.”  Major double standard folks.  Let’s welcome all who figure it out to the table.  

That’s it for tonight, folks.  See you after shopping tomorrow.  When I will be putting off the research for my paper.